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Extensive research into applied best practices in education and the effectiveness of small schools is available online through a wide range of education associations, schools of teaching and other research organizations. The materials assembled below are especially relevant to the instructional and leadership work underway at the Initiative’s partnership schools.

The following readings are sorted by type. You can browse through the Articles, Reports and Papers; followed by Books, Organization Links and Model Small Schools Links

In addition, reports on Initiative schools can be found here.


Arts and Design Rationale

Tom Gregory, ERIC Digest, December 2001

Michael Fullan, Center for Development and Learning, 2002

The Chicago Report (Is Small Enough...)

W. David Stevens, Consortium on Chicago School Research, April 2008

Confronting the Racism of Low Expectations
Julie Landsman, Educational Leadership, November 2004

The Early College High School
E3, December 7, 2006

Chris Cunningham, ERIC Digest, No. 157, 1-6, 2002

Essential Leadership in the School Change Process
Kathleen Cushman, Horace, 13(4), 1-8, March 1997

Grappling with Autonomy
Small Schools Project, The Learning Network, Vol. 2, No. 4

Autonomy, in Legal Issues and Small High Schools: Strategies to Support Innovation, in Washington State. Small Schools Project, Seattle, WA

Dollars and Sense: The Cost Effectiveness of Small Schools
Knowledge Works Foundation, Cincinnati, OH, 2002

Family Partnerships with High Schools: The Parents' Perspective
Mavis Sanders, Joyce Epstein and Lori Connors-Tadros, Center for Research on the Education of Students At Risk, Baltimore, MD, 1999

How Boston Pilot Schools Use Freedom Over Budget, Staffing, and Scheduling to Meet Student Needs, Center of Collaborative Education, New England Small Schools Network Boston, MA, 2001

Knowing and Being Known: Personalization as a Foundation for Student Learning
Mary Beth Lambert, Small Schools Project, Seattle, WA 2004

Organizing and Designing Small Schools Though Conversions of Large Comprehensive Schools, Small Schools Project, Seattle, WA

Principles at Work: Coalition of Essential Schools, Oakland, CA, 2001

Small High Schools on a Larger Scale:
The First Three Years of the Chicago High School Redesign Initiative - June 2006 PDF

Smaller, Safer, Saner Successful Schools
Joe Nathan and Karen Febey, Center for School Change, National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities, and Humphrey Institute, Minneapolis, MN, 2001

Michael Cohen, The Aspen Institute & Jobs for the Future, Washington, D.C., 2001

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National Association of Secondary School Principals, The Education Alliance, Reston, VA, 2004

Linda Lambert, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, Alexandria, VA, 1998

Carol Ann Tomlinson, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, Alexandria, VA, 1999

Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, Alexandria, VA, 1997

Eliot Levine, Eliot, Teachers College Press, Williston, VT, 2002

Lisa Delpit, New Press, New York, 1995

Kathleen Cotton, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, Alexandria, VA, 2003

Harvey Daniels, Marilyn Bizar, Steven Zemelman, Heinemann, Portsmouth, NH, 2000

Margaret J. Wheatley, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco, CA, 2002

Ruth Johnson, Corwin Press, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA, 2002

Beverly Daniel Tatum, Basic Books, Philadelphia, PA, 2003

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