Initiative Background:  Foundations

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The groundwork for each school participating in the Oregon Small Schools Initiative was captured originally in the School Change Rubric. The Rubric provided a methodical approach to evaluate change readiness, and a roadmap for broad engagement as communities created their shared vision for schools. The Rubric also served as an essential planning tool that was equally relevant for large school conversions and new starts. The impact of the School Change Rubric has stretched far beyond the Initiative.
It has been adopted as the basis of school reform criteria in Maine and as far away as Australia. In Oregon the four main strands have been incorporated in the Oregon Department of Education’s Guiding Principles for Middle School-High School Improvement.

Additional foundational material has been born out of leadership and instructional coaching, and systematic approaches to address equity issues across the portfolio of schools in the Initiative.  Please visit the TOOLS & RESOURCES section for more documents including Equity related tools.

* School Change Rubric Condensed (pdf)
* School Change Rubric - Full Self Assessment (pdf)

* Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships (pdf)

* Equity (pdf)